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WELCOME TO MY WORLD is a collection of pictorial works related to Elvis Presley environment, in which Maren expresses the moments shared and lived with the musicians of the original Elvis band, the ‘TCB Band’, James Burton, Glen D. Hardin, Ronnie Tutt, Norbert Putnam, and ‘The Elvis Imperials’, as well as some singers such as Dennis Jale, Greg Miller, Pete Storm, and also with the members of the ‘Elvis Tribute Band Barcelona’, the band that Maren founded and of which he is the lead guitar.

This collection of musical experiences and feelings has been inspired with purpose of collaborating with the James Burton Foundation (which supports music education in schools, hospitals, and community service organizations).

This collection will be exhibited at Matas & Ramis Center from 3rd of October to 5th of November, 2018.
The inauguration will be on Wednesday 3rd of October at 19’30 h. See Facebook event: Exhibition WELCOME TO MY WORLD

We leave you as a sample of the exhibition the painting "James Burton" - Video "Maren varnishing James Burton painting":

All the paintings of the collection WELCOME TO MY WORLD are on sale in order to collaborate with the James Burton Foundation except of "James Burton" painting, as it is a personal present from Maren to him. One of the great and touching moments was the giving of this painting to James Burton by Maren. This giving was realized during the TCB Band dinner celebrated on 5th of October 2018 in Barcelona, which was organized by Club Elvis SpainBelow are some photos and a video about that great moment:

Video"Giving of James Burton painting":



Some photos of the Exhibition at Matas & Ramis Center :








  5 (v2).jpg


















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